Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Preschool Classroom Raleigh, NC, USA

 This is the fisher Price Camera that our children used to take photos outside our classroom window.

These are photos taken by our preschool children Outside Our Classroom Window in Raleigh North Carolina.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Outside My Classroom Windows (Norway)

Hello to everyone! We are a class of 11 year olds in Norway and have done these pencil sketches for all to see. We hope you find them interesting!
How are our views the same as yours? How are our views different to yours?

Click here to view our drawings.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Koalas at Hattonvale S.S. Australia

Eucalyptus Tree in the School Ground...
something is special about this tree
a mom and her  baby koala playing peek-a-boo with our friends :)
How cute you are up there!
Of course you should be asleep. It is day time.
You are nocturnal, aren't you?We won't disturb you.

Mummy Koala will look after you from all harm.
 "What a lovely creature a koala is. This makes me proud to be an Australian. We experience such beautiful wildlife so close to where we live and work. Of course, we have to leave our wildlife safe and not touch them in any way. It is tempting though when they are so cute."
Mrs. Eleison

watching the photos in our classroom

Koalas outside the classroom window!!!! 
Dear Aussie Friends, thank you so much for sending us what you see outside your classroom windows. We couldn't believe our eyes! You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful, peaceful, and healthy place. It's a great school in a quiet location with fantastic neighbors. We greatly enjoyed seeing the photos.

Outside My Classroom Windows: Australia

 Eucalyptus Trees
What you see outside your classroom windows is more than beautiful!

Every one of us will see something different...that's the joy of the story.

"Outside the Classroom Windows" drawings by our friends at Hatton Vale State School in Australia.
Thank you our Aussie friends and thank you Ms. Shane Eleison for sharing your drawings with us!

Outside My Classroom Windows: Beirut, Lebanon

What's outside our classroom windows?
 Click to view a 3D scene of what we see outside our classroom windows...
Move around and zoom in to check out the smallest details! 

"Outside My Classroom Windows" is a project that tells a lot about where people live. We looked outside of the classroom windows for five minutes and drew what we saw.
Friends from different countries are going to join in and then we'll compare and contrast the things we see!